9x7 Digital Cinema Camera

Sharp to the Edge

The concept of the camera is quite simple: get the sensor data stream and dump it with as little processing as possible to the disk through a “big pipe”. All processing that usually is done on the camera is left to post process during conversion to CinemaDNG RAW file format that can be directly used in most NLE systems. The data throughput is quite an achievement: currently there is no interface that can carry this amount of data at nearly zero latency. The recording bandwidth is about twice as much as Thunderbolt 3 at full capacity. The processing bandwidth is even higher and exceeds 30 GBytes/s, all of which to preserve incredible image fidelity that 9×7 has been designed for.

ACHTEL 9×7 Digital Cinema Camera is designed specifically for VFX, VR, Giant Screen and IMAX® Cinema productions. It’s not here to replace Sony, ARRI or RED camera. It is designed to replace an array of ten of them.

It is designed to deliver unprecedented levels of sharpness, not attainable with traditional digital cinema cameras in a small and manageable package. It features  state-of-the-art Global Shutter, 4:3 aspect ratio, sensor featuring 65 Million photo-sites and delivers uncompressed 16-bit RAW footage up to 11 GB/s – approximately 30 times more than other high-end digital cinema cameras.

11Recording Bandwidth

Think of it as a ‘thick negative’: the absence of compression, a compromise we’ve all come to expect and live with since the advent of digital cinematography, means that no details are lost, and gradations of colour and luminance are as smooth as technically possible.

9×7 has almost twice the number of photo-sites found in 8K cameras, but it is the quality of the photo-sites that results in ultra-high resolution imagery never seen before.


True to life colours, natural and beautifully reproduced hues from pastel to most vibrant tonalities, and subtle tonal gradations are captured with the most advanced colour science in the industry. 

With most significant innovations, such as non-linear Input Device Transform, Direct Scene-Referred (DSR™) technology and workflows, and film-like highlight roll-off, the 9×7 delivers immersive and breath-taking images not possible to capture with any other camera. [more…]


9×7 camera features on-screen tools, such as 1:1 magnification with customizable region of interest, IMAX® and Giant Screen framing overlays, Advanced RAW histogram as well as numerous enhancements, such as template-based file format allowing flexible naming conventions including nearly all camera settings.

In addition to logging and diagnostics, on-screen instrumentation is another innovation allowing advanced monitoring of camera’s internal processing and health statistics in real time. 

119x7 Digital Cinema Camera
11Camera Colour Calibration

Both Direct (in situ) and Indirect (pre-defined) Scene-Referred colour workflows take ACES colour management to the next level delivering more consistent and more accurate colours straight from the camera.

119x7 Colour Calibration

ACHTEL Pty Limited specialises in Giant Screen and IMAX® cinematography above and underwater. Its innovative products and solutions won international awards and attention for uncompromised approach to image quality. ACHTEL’s products have been used on many high-end productions from landmark natural-history films to James Cameron’s Avatar Sequels

11Humpback Whales
11Green Turtle
119x7 Digital Cinema Camera

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