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DeepX - The ultimate underwater housing for RED EPIC and SCARLET cameras using Nikonos lenses.

Q: Why DeepX and 3Deep?
A: DeepX and 3Deep are professional cinematographer's underwater housing offering unmatched optical and operational performance. DeepX and 3Deep are the only housings for RED Epic cameras able to resolve full 5k corner-to-corner across entire sensor, not just in the middle of the frame. At the same time they are by far the smallest and extremely quick to set up taking only a few seconds to change lenses. Both housings feature superb precision-machined parts, advanced manufacturing technology and using uncompromised materials, such as titanium.

Q: What is the optical performance of Nikonos lenses compared to a dome port and land lens combination?
A: We have conducted numerous bench tests, which clearly indicate that a typical 8" dome and wide angle land lens combination fail to resolve even standard definition quality in the edges and corners of the picture frame due to image plane curvature, chromatic aberrations, coma and astigmatism cause by dome port intersection with water. On the other hand, Nikon UW-Nikkor 15mm submersible lens had no trouble producing flat and sharp picture out-resolving 5k RED Epic sensor in every point of the frame.
To our knowledge, the Nikonos lenses are currently the only underwater optical solution able to produce images that are as sharp as the RED Epic 5k sensor can capture. Their performance greatly exeeds that of any other optics and formats used in underwater cinematography, including IMAX. This is due to image degradation caused by placing land lenses behind dome or flat underwater ports.

Q: What is the optical performance of Nikonos lenses compared to a flat port and land lens combination?
A: Flat ports perform very poorly underwater for medium and wide angle lenses. This is because of large chromatic aberrations and distortions that they introduce. According to our measurements, flat ports fail to resolve standard definition quality across the entire RED Epic 5k sensor even using modest 40 field of view. Accordingly, we believe that flat ports are not suitable for professional use except for narrow angle close-up and macro cinematography.

Q: What is the price/performance benefit of DeepX and 3Deep camera housings?
A: To put it in perspective: DeepX and 3Deep are about 100 times lighter, 100 times less expensive, yet produce approximately 100 times sharper and distortion-free images across the entire frame than the Solido IMAX camera housing used on number of high-profile IMAX productions.

Q: What is the lens availability?

Nikon UW-Nikor 15mm f/2.8N underwater lenses

A: Despite Nikonos system being out of production, there is healthy supply of second-hand and even unused lenses. Nikonos was one of the most popular underwater camera system and the number of lenses sold world wide was quite large in comparison to the entire market for underwater housings for RED Epic and Scarlet cameras. We have large stock and continue to receive a healthy supply of Nikonos lenses, which we are able to serice, test and match for 3D applications.

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