DeepX 3D Underwater Housing


DeepX 3D Underwater Housing

DeepX 3D is our latest 3D system. It is also the most advanced 3D underwater housing ever made. It has taken many thousands of hours to develop, test and prototype. Like our DeepX and 3Deep systems, it utilises submersible Nikon Nikonos submersible lenses offering uncompromised optical performance underwater.
The DeepX 3D allows the stereo base (IO) to be adjusted from 0 ~ 75mm and therefore it is recommended for smaller subjects and closeups where fixed stereo base (100mm) of our flagship 3Deep is too large.
Like all our housings, the DeepX 3D is small and light weight (under 30 kg ready to dive) and can be handled by single person.
Until now 3D underwater housings were a size of a fridge and required cranes to lift while not being able to offer even 1K quality due to limitations caused by flat port. The DeepX 3D changes that. The optics out-resolves even 6K sensors from corner to corner.
In addition to this remarkable sharpness, DeepX 3D system does not introduce any distortions or aberrations, making it the only system to offer the stereoscopic images free from vertical disparities. Even small vertical disparities in stereoscopic 3D images are the cause of eye strain as our brains have difficulties fusing two images that have vertical disparities.
DeepX 3D is also the only 3D underwater system offering ultra-wide angle (80°) with variable stereo base. Traditional systems using housed beam splitters are limited to about 60° due to refraction of light between air and water. Since the DeepX 3D uses submerged beam splitter, there are no refraction, no chromatic aberrations, no radial distortions and no astigmatism degrading the images.
This optical performance is only possible with the use of our unique submersible stereoscopic beam splitter (US Patent No. US 8,879,899 B1).

DeepX 3D underwater housing for RED Epic camera DeepX 3D underwater housing for RED Epic camera DeepX 3D underwater housing for RED Epic camera DeepX 3D underwater housing for RED Epic camera
DeepX 3D underwater housing for RED Epic camera DeepX 3D underwater housing for RED Epic camera DeepX 3D underwater housing for RED Epic camera DeepX 3D underwater housing for RED Epic camera

Press Release: 14 February 2015 - Achtel launches new revolutionary 3D underwater camera system in LA...

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  • Along with 3Deep, DeepX 3D these are first and the only underwater 3D systems able to resolve 4k, 5k, 6k and beyond underwater.
  • No distortions, no chromatic aberrations, no image plane curvature and no astigmatism caused by optical ports
  • Light and small - less than 30kg fully configured ready to dive.
  • Ultra-wide angle capability in 3D (80°using Nikonos 15mm with RED Dragon sensor)
  • Precision stereoscopic alignment using titanium set screws and hardware
  • Specially developed half-mirror formula for marine environment and highly polarised ambient lighting conditions
  • Change lenses in seconds without opening the housing
  • Depth rating is 60m (unlimited with pressure compensation)
  • Simple, modular design allowing unlimited configurations
  • Multiple internal and external power and monitoring options
  • Unique, patent pending lens mount incorporated in the housing
  • Strong, durable and light all-titanium precision machined body and accessories.
  • All controls made of grade 4 Titanium alloy and offer the ultimate safety and reliability
  • Covers and out-resolves RED Dragon 6k sensor in every point across the entire frame (and beyond)
  • Utilising dual DeepX system - the winner of the Innovation Award at NAB Show 2013, Las Vegas...[more]

DeepX 3D underwater housing
Why use Nikon Nikonos lenses underwater?

Nikonos submersible lenses have been a foundation of underwater photography for over 30 years. Unlike land lenses placed into waterproof ports, Nikonos lenses were specifically designed for the unique optical challenges of underwater imaging. Many professional photographers consider these lenses the sharpest underwater optics ever designed. And rightfully so, as their optical performance does not suffer from the limitations of land lenses placed behind waterproof ports. Dome ports and flat ports, irrespective how good, suffer from inevitable field curvature, distortions and chromatic aberrations. On the other hand, when tested the UW-Nikkor 15mm F/2.8 with Imatest software, it exhibited similar corner sharpness at f/5.6 underwater as Arri Master Prime lens on land - truly remarkable and not possible to achieve by placing even the best land lens behind an optical port.

MTF Sharpnes of 15mm Nikonos Lens compared with underwater dome and flat ports
RESOLUTION: Chart showing comparative corner resolution of typical underwater camera systems in use today.
Only 3Deep® and DeepX that use Nikon Nikonos lenses reaches (and exceeds) the Nyquist frequency limit - the theoretical maximum resolution of the camera sensor.

Nikon Nikonos Lens Test

Find out more why Nikonos is the ultimate underwater optics [here]

    Benefits of using Nikonos lenses underwater:
  • Nikonos lenses are the only optics currently available that out-resolve the RED Epic sensor across the entire frame.
  • Optics covers full frame up to 36 x 24mm including 6k Dragon sensor
  • No more porthole view, geometric distortions, chromatic aberrations, astigmatism or fuzzy edges.
  • Nikon Nikonos submersible lens compatibility achieves uncompromised image quality underwater.
    Compatible Lenses:
  • Nikon UW-Nikkor 15mm F/2.8N
  • Nikon UW-Nikkor 20mm F/2.8N
  • Nikon UW-Nikkor 28mm F/2.8
  • Nikon LW-Nikkor 28mm F/2.8 (water resistant, land only use)
  • Nikon UW-Nikkor 35mm F/2.5
  • Nikon W-Nikkor 80mm F/4.0
    Compatible Cameras
  • RED Epic MX and Scarlet MX 5K digital cinema cameras.
  • RED Epic Dragon and Scarlet Dragon 6K digital cinema cameras (with front fan 1.0).

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