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TrueBlueTM Colour Science for RED DRAGON® and RED EPIC® Cameras *

TrueBlueTM is a combination of camera modification and post workflow allowing RED cameras to discriminate blue colours.

An unmodified camera is unable to reproduce blue colour. Instead, blue colours appear as magenta. This is because red photo-sites on the sensor are sensitive to not only red, but also to blue spectra of light. This phenomenon can not be corrected in post because the severity of the magenta contamination, which leaves insufficient dynamic range in the blue channel (thin negative). There is simply not enough information to reproduce blue gradations, such as water or blue sky. As the result, skies and water appear magenta-grey instead of blue.

TrueBlueTM solves this limitation.

True Blue Colour Science

RED DRAGON® Sensor Spectral Response

RED Dragon spectral response graph RED Dragon spectrum

RED Dragon® sensor spectral response graph showing red response to blue light (contamination). The sensor can not discriminate blue for red. Red contamination accounts for as much as 50% of the blue signal.

RED Dragon® sensor response to light spectrum. Blue colours are reproduced as magenta (actual image).

TrueBlueTM Sensor Spectral Response

Achtel TrueBlue spectral response graph Achtel TrueBlue spectrum

TrueBlueTM technology sensor spectral response graph showing superb colour discrimination in blue range. Full dynamic range is available in blue channel resulting in deep true blue colours and smooth gradients.
Note: Small blue and green response to the far right is due to IR contamination. Our production OLPF has IR cut layer incorporated in the filter.

TrueBlueTM technology sensor response to light spectrum. Blue colours are reproduced as pure blue while other colours are not affected (actual image).

TrueBlueTM PDF brochure.can be downloaded from [here]


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