Underwater Cinematography

True Blue Colour Science

We are offering three types of OLPF filters for RED cameras.

  TrueBlue™ DeepBlue™ ClearBlue™
Suitable for topside Yes No No
Improves Colour Separation Yes Yes, significantly only slightly
Improves Contrast Underwater No Yes Yes
Improves Visibility Underwater about 30% about 200% about 300%
Can be used in less than 1m? Yes No Yes
Improves sharpness No Yes Yes
Reduces Image Plane Curvature No Yes Yes
Stop Loss about 1/2 stop about 1 stop 1.5 stops
Improves image quality with Dome Port No Yes Yes
RED Dragon, MX, Helium Sensors Yes Yes Yes
RED Monstro Sensor No Yes Yes
Price USD $3,500 USD $3,500 USD $1,200

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