DeepX 3D

Sharp to the Edge

DeepX 3D is world’s first and only submersible 3D beam splitter.

It is also the most advanced 3D underwater housing ever made. It has been used by James Cameron on Avatar: The Way of Water to film underwater 3D sequences. 

DeepX 3D utilises submersible Nikon Nikonos submersible lenses offering uncompromised optical performance underwater.
The DeepX 3D allows the stereo base (IO) to be adjusted from 0 ~ 75mm and therefore it is recommended for smaller subjects and closeups where fixed stereo base is too large.

113D beam splitter

Like all our housings, the DeepX 3D is small and light weight (under 30 kg ready to dive) and can be handled by single person. Until now 3D underwater housings were a size of a fridge and required cranes to lift while, at the same time,  not being able to offer more than approximately standard-definition (1K) quality due to limitations caused by flat port. The DeepX 3D changes that. The optics can resolve full 8K from corner to corner, in every point of the frame.

In addition to this remarkable sharpness, DeepX 3D system does not introduce any distortions or aberrations, making it the only system to offer the stereoscopic images free from vertical disparities. Even small vertical disparities in stereoscopic 3D images are the cause of eye strain as our brains have difficulties fusing two images that have vertical disparities.
DeepX 3D is also the only 3D underwater system offering ultra-wide angle, greater than 80° with variable stereo base. Traditional systems using housed beam splitters are limited to about 60° due to refraction of light between air and water.
Since the DeepX 3D uses submerged beam splitter, there are no refraction, no chromatic aberrations, no radial distortions and no astigmatism degrading the images.
This optical performance is only possible with the use of our unique submersible stereoscopic beam splitter (US Patent No. US 8,879,899 B1).

11DeepX 3D Submersible 3D Beam Splitter

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