9×7 Night Time Aerials Over Los Angeles

Despite being only 3µm in size, this true Global Shutter pixel measures as good or better MTF, low light sensitivity and dynamic range than much bigger Rolling Shutter pixels currently found in high-end Digital Cinema Cameras.

The ACHTEL 9×7 is not designed to replace ARRI, RED or Sony digital cinema camera. It is designed to replace an array of six of them (or more) stitched together. This is the ultimate VFX camera, which can be easily placed on a gimbal, like in this clip shot by XM2 PURSUIT using SHOTOVER and ARRI Signature Prime 18mm T1.8 lens.
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ACHTEL Pty Limited specialises in immersive cinematography for Giant Screen, IMAX®, Flying Theatre, Sphere and VFX above and underwater. Our innovative products and cinematography won international awards and attention for uncompromised approach to image quality. ACHTEL’s products have been used on many documentaries and feature films, including James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water.

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