Photo-Site Count65 Million Photo-Sites
Image Resolution9.3K x 7K
18.7 x 14K
Sensor Size29.9mm x 22.4mm
Native Aspect Ratio4:3
Sensor TypeCMOS
Native ISO500 ~ 5000
Max Analogue Gain+16dB
Dynamic Range
native (at 65 MP)13 stopsmeasured with ARRI DRTC
comparable (at 8 MP)16 stopsaveraged
Camera Features
Format16-bit linear Cinema DNGUncompressed
RAW histogramYesLinear and Log Scales
Smart Traffic LightsYes
OverlaysIMAX, Grid, Crosshair, FDcustom overlays support
InstrumentationYes, all pipelinesreal-time
DiagnosticsYes, all pipelinesLog file
Black ShadingYes1 second calibration
Flat Field CorrectionYes1 second calibration
Focus AssistYes, Magnificationfully customisable
Focus Assist (recording)Yes, Magnificationfully customisable
Crop ModesYes
Max Shutter Speed1/50,000 s
Min Shutter Speed1s
Max Recording Data Rate10GB/s (80Gb/s)sustained
Internal Storage8TB or 4TB
Recording Time at 30fps50 min
Max Framerate at 65 MP70 fps
Supported frame rates0 ~ 400 fpsany
MOCO (triggered)0 ~ 400 fpsoverlapped readout
GenlockYesTTL Level
SyncYes, Master and Slave
Remote operationYeswired and wireless
Lens mounts availableLPL, PL, PV, Nikon, Leica-Minterchangable
Recording Module
weight2.5kgwith cooling module
dimensions136x166x66mmwith cooling module
power consumption~100W
power source12 ~ 19V DC
Sensor Module
weight0.7kgwithout lens
power consumption~20W
Power source12 ~ 24V DC
Replacable OLPFYes
Max tether length100m
Colour ManagementDirect and Indirect Scene-Referred

ACHTEL Pty Limited specialises in Giant Screen and IMAX® cinematography above and underwater. Its innovative products and solutions won international awards and attention for uncompromised approach to image quality. ACHTEL’s products have been used on many high-end productions from landmark natural-history films to James Cameron’s Avatar Sequels

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