Underwater Housing for Sigma fp Digital Cinema Camera with Nikon Nikonos Lens Mount

Vaquita - Underwater Housing for Sigma fp Digital Cinema Camera using Nikonos underwater submersible lenses.

Underwater Housing for Sigma fp mirrorless camera using Nikonos lenses

Housing Main Features

Superior Design, Professional Features and Small Size.

Achtel Pty Limited has led the industry by designing smallest and lightest underwater housings for digital cimema cameras. Typically our housings are half or even a quarter of the weight and size of comparable housings from outher manufacturers. This time the gap has widened. Utilising innovative materials and technologies we managed to achieve weight and size similar to the legendary Nikonos V camera, but capable of capturing cinema quality motion pictures.

Nikonos Lens Mount

Sigma fp housing features many unique innovations not found in any other housings.

Sigma fp housing has precision-machined titanium lens mount assuring perfect back focus and extremely reliable sealing connection with the lens.

Internal and external SSD recording is supported.

High quality vacuum valve is standard.

The housing features reliable sealing system.

Light weight construction using state-of-the-art materials and technologies.

Precision-machined ceramic coated titanium controls with double sealing.

Nikonos Submersible Lenses

Sigma fp housing features true 4k, ultra-wide angle underwater optics utilising Nikon Nikonos submersible lenses. Nikonos 15mm optics offer the highest optical quality underwater far exceeding that of housed lenses.

This submersible optics assures no distortions, no field curvature, no chromatic aberrations or astigmatism found in flat and dome underwater ports.

Sigma fp housing supports large selection of high-quality submersible lenses, which can be changed in seconds without opening the housing - no custom gears, no extension ports, no alignment, and no hassle.

Nikonos optics offers the highest contrast and sharpnes possible in underwater optics far exceeding performance of dome and flat ports traditionally used in underwater housings.

Why use Nikon Nikonos lenses underwater?

Nikonos submersible lenses have been a foundation of underwater photography for over 30 years. Unlike land lenses placed into waterproof ports, Nikonos lenses were specifically designed for the unique optical challenges of underwater imaging. Many professional photographers consider these lenses the sharpest underwater optics ever designed. And rightfully so, as their optical performance does not suffer from the limitations of land lenses placed behind waterproof ports. Dome ports and flat ports, irrespective how good, suffer from inevitable field curvature, distortions and chromatic aberrations. On the other hand, when tested the UW-Nikkor 15mm F/2.8 with Imatest software, it exhibited similar corner sharpness at f/5.6 underwater as Arri Master Prime lens on land - trully remarkable and not possible to achieve by placing even the best land lens behind an underwater port.

MTF Sharpnes of 15mm Nikonos Lens compared with underwater dome and flat ports

RESOLUTION: Chart showing comparative corner resolution of typical underwater camera systems in use today.

Nikon Nikonos Lens Test

Only DeepX and Vanquish Weapon that use Nikon Nikonos lenses reaches the Nyquist frequency limit - the theoretical maximum resolution of the camera sensor. Find out more why Nikonos is the ultimate underwater optics [here]

    Benefits of using Nikonos lenses underwater:
  • Nikonos lenses are the only optics currently available that out-resolve the 4K sensor across the entire frame.
  • No more porthole view, port distortions, aberrations or fuzzy edges.
  • Nikon Nikonos submersible lens compatibility offers wide selection of high quality underwater optics.

Nikonos Submersible Lenses
    Compatible Lenses:
  • Sea&Sea 12mm Fisheye
  • Nikon UW-Nikkor 15mm F/2.8N
  • Nikon UW-Nikkor 20mm F/2.8
  • Nikon UW-Nikkor 28mm F/2.8
  • Nikon LW-Nikkor 28mm F/2.8 (water resistant, land only use)
  • Nikon UW-Nikkor 35mm F/2.5
  • Nikon W-Nikkor 80mm F/4.0
  • Aquatica Aqualens for Nikon AIS manual lenses

Retail Price: AUD $5,999* plus taxes

* lenses, camera, media and accessories are sold separately. Please contact us for package deals.

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