Sharp to the Edge

ACHTEL 9x7 Digital Cinema Camera

World’s most advanced large format digital cinema camera for VFX, VR, IMAX® and Giant Screen production.

119x7 Digital Cinema Camera

Film Production

Our multi-award-winning cinematography delivers compelling visuals thanks to unrivalled image quality combined with artistic, story-telling approach.

11Vanquish underwater housings

Underwater Camera Equipment and Production

Our underwater equipment and images have been used in landmark productions, from David Attenborough’s wildlife films to James Cameron’s Avatar Sequels. 

11Vanquish underwater housings

Vanquish Housings

Our Vanquish range of underwater camera housings are made entirely from precision-machined ceramic-coated Titanium alloys. They feature unmatched reliability, light weight, small size and ultimate strength. 

ACHTEL has pioneered usage of submersible lenses for motion picture. Unlike traditional dome and flat ports, these lenses allow high resolution images from corner to corner, lack of distortions and aberrations that we used to expect from underwater footage. 

DeepX 3D

DeepX® 3D is World’s first and only 3D system that features adjustable stereo base while offering wide angle images underwater. This patented system offers ultra-high resolution images from corner to corner, while traditional 3D systems struggle to resolve even 1K due to optical limitations of flat ports. 

113D beam splitter

IMAX® and Giant Screen Production

ACHTEL Pty Limited specialises in Giant Screen and IMAX® cinematography above and underwater. Its innovative products and solutions won international awards and attention for uncompromised approach to image quality. ACHTEL’s products have been used on many high-end productions from landmark natural-history films to James Cameron’s Avatar Sequels

11Humpback Whales
11Green Turtle
119x7 Digital Cinema Camera

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