9×7 Delivers up to 18,688 x 14,000 Resolution

11Sensor Resolution Comparison

Sensor pixel count is just half of the story. The other half is their quality.

The ACHTEL 9×7 Digital Cinema Camera sensor operates with true correlated double sampling (CDS). In addition, the light pipe technology provides outstanding angular response, delivering MTF far in advance of cameras with larger pixel size and opens up unprecedented levels of sharpness and detail previously not possible with digital cinema cameras.

Think of it as a “thick negative” recorded with bandwidth up to 30 times higher than most other high-end digital cameras. This extraordinary amount of data, recorded up to 10GBytes/s, offers some opportunities to “dig deeper” into reconstructing the detail and minimising artefacts, such as aliasing and Moire.

When used with high-quality lenses, accurate focusing and stable support, the 9×7 is capable of resolving tiniest details up to 18,688 x 14,000 (260 Megapixels) resolution with minimal aliasing or artefacts rivalling multi-camera arrays consisting of 6 (or more) high-end cameras stitched together.

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