ClearCast Optical Sensor Stack

11ClearCast Optical Sensor Stack

Optical sensor stack frequently use dichroic IR filters (aka hot mirrors) in order to improve colour accuracy. By transmitting visible light wavelengths while reflecting unwanted infrared, the filter is found in almost every digital camera. However, a trade-off using such filters transmit and reflect light unevenly depending on the angle of incidence. This phenomenon is causing off-axis colour casts. This can be particularly problematic with lenses with short exit pupil.

11Colour cast caused by traditional dichroic filters and hot mirrors
Colour cast caused by traditional dichroic filters and hot mirrors
11Image using ClearCast optical sensor stack
Image using ClearCast optical sensor stack

Today, ACHTEL announces introduction of ClearCast – a revolutionary optical sensor stack design that retains spectral characteristics on and off-axis. Unlike traditional dichroic filters and hot mirrors, ClearCast filters out UV and IR spectra evenly across the image frame while offering 99% transmissibility to visible light.

“It is a very complex filter” – says MR Achtel, the company’s executive officer. “It has all the benefits of traditional dichroic filters, while producing even spectral distribution across the sensor frame without unwanted colour cast that we used to accept as inevitable image degradation.”

ClearCast optical stack is exclusively available in ACHTEL 9×7 digital cameras with immediate availability.

ACHTEL 9×7 digital cinema cameras are specialised cameras for VFX, VR, Giant Screen and IMAX productions offering sharpness well in excess of any other motion picture cameras including 15-perf 70mm film that it was designed to replace. ACHTEL 9×7 cameras also offer advanced and innovative colour management solutions delivering true colorimetric images without the need for colour correction in post processing.  

ACHTEL Pty Limited specialises in immersive cinematography for Giant Screen, IMAX®, Flying Theatre, Sphere and VFX above and underwater. Our innovative products and cinematography won international awards and attention for uncompromised approach to image quality. ACHTEL’s products have been used on many documentaries and feature films, including James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water.

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