Film Production

Sharp to the Edge
119x7 Camera

DOP Production Services

Pawel Achtel, ACS is accredited cinematographer with wide knowledge of cinematography. His expertise includes: 

  • Director of Photography
  • Colour Science
  • Camera Technician
  • DIT
  • Stereographer
  • Large Format, Giant Screen and High-Resolution Specialist

Underwater Production

We have wide range of underwater camera and lighting systems.

We specialise in high-end underwater cinematography, mainly for Giant Screen and IMAX productions, but also for high-budget feature films.

We can offer the highest image quality in 2D and 3D using our multi-award winning and highly acclaimed range of underwater systems delivering unsurpassed image quality.  

11Filming Underwater with 3Deep in 3D
11Underwater Production Services

ACHTEL Pty Limited specialises in immersive cinematography for Giant Screen, IMAX®, Flying Theatre, Sphere and VFX above and underwater. Our innovative products and cinematography won international awards and attention for uncompromised approach to image quality. ACHTEL’s products have been used on many documentaries and feature films, including James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water.

11Humpback Whales
11Green Turtle
119x7 Digital Cinema Camera

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